Earth as a Remnant of a Gas Giant: Herndon (2005) & Mocquet et al. (2014)

Herndon’s Nuclear Planet

J. Marvin Herndon came with an idea that Earth was a Jupiter-like planet in his speculative manuscript in 2005. He tries to unify the plate tectonics theory (with subduction without mantle convection) and the expanding Earth theory. He accepts the ‘conventional geological eras’ (life on Earth older than 180 Ma) and doesn’t explain why did the rapid expansion begin approximately 180 million years ago. His explanation for Earth’s heat and geomagnetic field is done via ‘georeactor’. Herndon doesn’t provide any geometrical fit of continental blocks in Pacific. You can read more on his webpage:

Mocquet et al. – The First Steps in 2014

The first steps towards understanding of exoplanetary gas giant cores relaxation was made by the scientists Mocquet, Grasset and Sotin in 2014. Here I cite from their paper:

‘Data extracted from the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia (see show the existence of planets that are more massive than iron cores that would have the same size. After meticulous verification of the data, we conclude that the mass of the smallest of these planets is actually not known. However, the three largest planets, Kepler52b, Kepler-52c and Kepler-57b, which are between 30 and 100 times the mass of the Earth, have indeed density larger than an iron planet of the same size. This observation triggers this study that investigates under which conditions these planets could represent the naked cores of gas giants that would have lost their atmospheres during their migration towards the star.’

The authors showed that exoplanets could relax when getting back to more ordinary densities. You can find their paper here:

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