Paleomagnetic Data from India Indicate Earth’s Expansion

Since the Earth’s expansion isn’t symmetric, one would expect latitudinal changes of continental blocks. The southern hemisphere contains a larger portion of oceanic lithosphere. The distance between India and Antarctica is quite big – Antarctica is located at the south pole whereas India is recently located on the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

The continental crust is adapting to the underlying spheres with slowly changing volume, which, due to the expansion asymmetry, led to a ‘move’ of India to the north. The ‘move’ was with fixed roots and thus India was always connected with Asia. There was no collision.

I already discussed the topic on Quora:

One can also easily ask – Why did the Earth create a perfect and long ‘garage’ inside Eurasia? Eurasia was prepared perfectly so that India could fit it perfectly, is it just a huge coincidence? Does the nature of plate tectonics work as a perfect machine preparing perfect ports for distant continents over the tens of million years?

Here we can have a look at the ‘garage’ from the best map of the ocean floor we have ever had:

Some paleomagnetic data can be found for example in the paper from Wentao Huang et al. (2015) in Geophysical Research Letters:

This paper:

suggests that India’s NE corner was at least at 50°S.

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