New Animations – It’s Time to Think About 3D…

Last week I created a few simple 2D simulations of what a planetary expansion with ridges (expansive ruptures) could look like. We all know that geodetic stations on Earth indicate horizontal motions and so I am trying to deal with it also via expansion.

Here you can read my last post on blog:

It is really interesting to see that the continents may really move as the Earth expands. Now, I am in 2D, which is the first step towards better understanding of what the 3D reality actually looks like. The motions are ‘special’ since the blocks don’t move at the same speed in all places. The (angular) motion is the fastest near the ridges, then it gradually slows down.

Here is a simulation for one ridge:

Here for two ridges:

And finally three ridges:

I would appreciate any comments or even simulations from you. And now, it’s time to make it 3D 🙂

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